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Flyghtduo w glueboards

Flyghtduo w glueboards

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The trap uses patented bioVE+ technology to mimic the visual cues of carnivorous plants to attract insects.UV LEDs combined with bioVE+ elicit a strong positive phototactic response in flies. The bioVE+ coating in each FLYght trap makes it perform similarly to ILTs with UV tubes, the manufacturer reports. 

  • Easy to service
  • Change boards not bulbs
  • Lightest trap on the market
  • Only revenue producing LED light on the market.

Each Flyght Duo set includes 1 Flyght Duo unit, 1 power cable, 2 BioVE board and 12 glueboard

Revolutionary LEDs Insect Light Trap

✓ Patented BioVE+ technology

✓ Dual-light attractant highly attractive to flies

✓ Money back guarantee

✓ CE safety certified


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