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FLYght Duo LED Flying Insect Light Trap

FLYght Duo LED Flying Insect Light Trap

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The FLYght Duo LED Flying Insect Light Trap is powered by bioVe+ technology for superior capture rates. Its compact design and inward-facing LED beams eliminate glare while attracting a wide array of flying insects. Outperforming traditional units, it offers double the capture rate with a reflecting surface of 60 square inches. Easy to install and weighing only 4 lbs., it saves technicians time and offers a recurring revenue opportunity with board replacements every three months.

Key Points

  • Higher flying insect attraction due to dual wavelength UV output.
  • Uses a reflected light source for a wider array of attraction.
  • Sleek, sturdy, lightweight, and compact. No drilling required.
  • Use with universal glue boards that won’t be exposed to UV.
  • Higher electricity savings of 70-80% compared to UV fluorescent tubes.
  • Technician-friendly - replacing the glue board takes 30 seconds.


Each Product Dimensions: 20"L x 12"W x 3.5"H

Each Product Weight: 4 lbs.

Each FLYght Duo set includes 1 FLYght Duo unit, 1 power cable, 2 BioVE boards, and 12 glueboards

Promotion Package

For Each Flyght Duo Bundle purchase of Buy 5 Free 1 unit, 6 power cable, 12 BioVe boards, and 12 glueboards


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