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Controz 66

Controz 66

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The Controz 66 employs a combination of advanced technologies to target and control mosquitoes effectively, offering comprehensive mosquito control. The Controz 66 features integrated LED lights that emit a spectrum to attract mosquitoes. Once in proximity, the Controz 66 immobilizes the mosquitoes, preventing them from biting or breeding. Controz 66 does not rely on chemicals or pesticides, making it suitable for use in various settings, including residential areas, gardens, patios, and outdoor spaces.

Key Points

  • Uses LED light to attract mosquitoes.
  • 5x more effective than mercury lamps.
  • Deters mosquitoes by using electromagnetic technology.
  • Safe and eco-friendly
  • Easy to use, plug it into a power outlet and adjust the settings to suit your preferences.


Product Dimension and Weight: H9 x W8 x L8 in, 1.1lb

Case Dimension and Weight: H9.5 x W8 x L8 in, 1.3 lb


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