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Gravitrap (1 case x 4 units)

Gravitrap (1 case x 4 units)

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Pack of 4

Packaging: 1 case 4 units x W25 x L25 x H16cm

Weight: 1.2kg

Gravitrap is an exclusive monitoring trap designed to target gravid female mosquitoes for indoor and outdoor use. Enhanced with the Gravitreks App, this trap offers a sophisticated and effortless real-time reporting system. Its specialized design provides an accurate evaluation of mosquito infestation levels, making it the ideal choice for efficient and convenient monitoring and inspection.


  1. A smart monitoring trap target for gravid female mosquito
  2. Can be used either indoor or outdoor
  3. Enhanced with gravitreks app to have a easily real-time reporting system


  1. The unique adult mosquito trap for easily monitoring and inspection
  2. Efficient in measuring the mosquito infestation level


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