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Sirenix Larvae Trapper

Sirenix Larvae Trapper

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Sirenix, a solar-powered larvae trapper, offers a hassle-free solution to mosquito infestations. With its low-maintenance design, simply set it and forget it, gaining a competitive edge over labor-intensive systems. Non-toxic and pesticide-free, Sirenix operates on the "Lethal Ovitrap" paradigm, attracting pregnant females to lay eggs, which are then prevented from maturing. Utilizing acoustic technology, it disrupts mosquito breathing, effectively eliminating larvae. Environmentally friendly, Sirenix uses sunlight for power and sound for eradication, swiftly reducing mosquito populations within weeks.


Key Points

  • Sirenix incorporates eight natural attractants that female mosquitoes seek in an oviposition site.
  • Dark interior provides perfect resting place for mosquitoes.
  • Black and white exterior is attractive to mosquitoes.
  • Blue LED lamps emit color at a frequency attractive to adult mosquitoes.
  • No pesticides are used.
  • Continuous trapping 24/7.
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors.
  • Advantage over other systems requiring significant upkeep
  • Larvae killed by acoustic source.

Product Weight: 4.4 lbs.

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